Thursday, March 24, 2016


To quote ELO: "Ee-ee-vil Woman... EVIL, Woman."

A few years back, I began to see senator Bernie Sanders showing up on talk shows and political round table discussions, and I thought to myself, "Man, he seems so down-to-earth. I wish someone like that would run for president.

I'm not gonna lie, I (like many other people) made the mistake of thinking that person was going to be Barack Obama. Long story short, he wasn't, but at least he wasn't Hillary Clinton...

I guess that it's no secret to my friends that I dislike Hillary Clinton.

No, that's too understated. I downright HATE Hillary Clinton. There are many reasons for this hatred:
  • She reminds me of some other corrupt politicians I've known.
  • She reminds me of other corrupt women I've known.
  • She has one of the worst voting records of any Democratic senator this side of Joe Lieberman.
  • Literally every single time I learn more about her and her husband, I'm more disgusted.
  • She's firm in her beliefs, unless history's against her belief, then she'll retroactively switch positions (never trust time travelers).
  • On second thought, how about some more wiggle-room?
  • Could there be anyone more disingenuous out there? (Well... Maybe Ted Cruz...)
The bottom line is: I can't stand her, and I wish she'd get out of the race. So in honor of that sentiment, I've made a couple of posters in honor of her candidacy: