Sunday, August 2, 2015

Random Play track 2

Welcome to the second edition of Random Play.
Leading off is a selection from Elle King. The album is named Love Stuff. This lady is apparently the daughter of Rob Schneider but we won't fault her for that. She is a talent in her own right. She reminds me of Nancy Sinatra,  bluesy, firey and a straight to the gut voice.  The album is a blend of pop, bluegrass, blues, and rock.  Pop songs include Ex's and Oh's, Make you smileThe party song Last Damn Night,  Bluegrass/ country songs America's Sweetheart, Song of Sorrow, Kocain Karolina,  and the Blue numbers, Ain't gonna drown, and Under the Influence. The album is a great mix of songs and I would encourage you to check it out in it's entirety.

I was given Royal Blood's debut self titled album to check out. This two man group hails from UK . Just a drummer and a bass player is all this band needs to pull of it's blend of rock. The bass player uses many effects to give the music a fuller sound.  They have similar sound to early Black Keys, the Pack AD, and White Stripes.  I think my only complaint of the album is that every song is of a similar pace and feel. It could have used a slowed down ballad.  Album stand outs are the songs, Figure It Out, Ten Tonne SkeletonCome On Over, Out of The Black, and Little Monster.

 Now onto all that is news in the blues.
Seminal bluesman Buddy Guy released a new album entitled Born To Play Guitar.  Here is the title track Born To Play Guitar. another Thick Like Mississippi MudThe album is so new that I can't link to many of the albums tracks. With the loss of B.B. King it could be argued that Buddy Guy is the last of the great Bluesmen.  Buddy has not lost a beat despite having just turned 79. The album is what the blues should be. If you like the blues check it out.
I stumbled  across Matt Andersen and would recommend him as well. He is a soulful singer and talented guitar player. I will see him live next week and expect a tremendous show as he is one of those rare instances where he is better stripped down and live than in studio.  Here is a sampling, Drift Away, and Coal Miners Blues.

I'll just briefly mention some other notables if you choose to delve into them.
Dustin Kensrue  album Carry the Fire.   (singer songwriter)
Wild Ones album Keep it Safe. ( cross between 80's synth pop and cranberries)
Noah Gundersen album Carry The Ghost Primer  (singer songwriter)
The Lonely Wild album Sun as it comes.  (cross between Lord Huron and a Sergio Leone spaghetti western soundtrack)

Till next time. Keep your ears to the speaker. (at a reasonable volume)

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