Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stop, people. Just stop.

A matter of integrity... 

 I've heard a lot of people saying that this presidential race will be historic, because we're going to follow up the first African-American president in history with either:

  • The first female president (Hillary Clinton).
  • The first Jewish president (Bernie Sanders).
  • The first Hispanic president (Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio).
  • The first flesh-eating lizard person president (Donald Trump).

I am defending Donald Trump. 

It is disgusting to me, as a progressive, to judge if someone is fit for duty as president simply by their race and/or religious background. It isn't fair to say that just because the last seven or eight white Christian male presidents have been slimy no-good politicians who were in all actuality exceptionally incompetent executives or just simply awful, awful failures as human beings, that the Donald won't (slough off the very things that define him and) become the exception. I won't do it, and neither should you. So STOP CALLING HIM A LIZARD PERSON. It isn't fair to this proud Dam Troll-descended citizen with his flowing synthetic dyed-orange hair.

So c'mon progressives, we're better than that. For shame, all of you!

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