Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Unemployed? Beware of Vultures In Sheep's Clothing!

Yes, it's angry rant time again

Before you ask, yes: this experience made me angry. The parts you need to know are:
  • These people found me via one of the job boards I'm posted on.
  • They invited me to a "free webinar."
  • It was an hour (60 minutes) long.
  • She spent 20 minutes talking about herself.
  • Worthless (readily available) career advice was doled out for 15 minutes.
  • The last 25 minutes or so (I left early) were used to "fluff" the audience to sign up for her career counseling service.
  • This service cost nearly $2000.00.
  • I have $0.52 in the bank.

Now, you might get the impression from the video that these people aren't legitimate. Nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, I'm 100% certain that these people have spent a great deal of time and money being legal and legitimate... In the same way that Donald Trump's presidency is legitimate (in law only).

Not my first rodeo

Please understand that I've been through this sort of scam before. They offer actual, real advice, but it is advice that is easily obtainable elsewhere for free or for a nominal fee. Their shtick is that the woman who runs the "Limitless Career Lab" (which I will not link to, to defy their site even that shred of search engine legitimacy) is pretty, peppy, well-spoken, and by the persona that she's manufactured on the web, successful. This is the veneer on the treasure chest, if you will. Except that when you open the treasure chest, it's filled with nothing, or even worse a dwarf who will pop out and rob you of what treasure you have on you.

Beyond where the rubber meets the road

So I'm passing a moral judgment on the "Limitless Career Lab." While what they do is perfectly legal, and I'm sure that some would argue, beneficial, for the most part they are just targeting desperate people with no hope of ever getting that dream job and bilking them out of (at least) $2000.00 for what is essentially the content of a very thin book or a very thick pamphlet.

Steer clear, fellow job seekers!

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