Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I want to go on record as saying that I am starting to despise the web browser known as Opera.

Sure, it's secure and has many features that the more widely-used browsers lack, but it's so damn obtuse when it comes to little things like copying and pasting text, and so finicky about clicking on objects that it's becoming more of a headache than "the next big thing."

When I have clicked multiple check boxes to delete mail from my Hotmail account, and Opera has the gall to tell me that I didn't check anything and then proceeds to take away all of my check-marks, my patience begins to wear really thin, really fast.

When it won't let me access the text entry box in my MySpace account for no perceivable reason, forcing me to use the simple editor, and then deletes all of my text just before uploading so that I have to recreate the entire page again, that's a deal breaker.

Opera, get your shit together. Until then I'll continue with Firefox.


mcapplbee said...

Opera is superior to your silly firefox.

It's not Opera's fault that webpages are formatted specifically for IE and Firefox.

ARCWuLF said...

Yeah, then I'll just wait for the rest of the world to adopt Opera before I start using it again. The only reason I installed it in the first place was because MySpace was making Firefox crash on my XP PC, but guess what? It crashes Opera too, so I'll pass.