Thursday, August 7, 2008

One moment in time... One really long moment...

So, the Olympics will be starting tomorrow, and lasting all the way to the closing ceremony on August 24th. During that time, non-cable T.V. customers will be forced to endure without Conan O'brien, unless of course they let him on the air for five-minute intervals just to irk those of us who actually prefer Late Night to young unknowns winning gold medals and remaining unknown. At least the winter Olympics are fun to watch...

Years ago, at least we had that little Cold War going with the Soviets which injected some much-needed drama into the proceedings. Where is the new generation's "Miracle on Ice?"... Oh, wait THAT was the winter Olympics too. Face it, the summer Olympics are dull, disappointing and take up way too much of our precious television time (I'm sorry, but Conan is the only thing that I ever watch on conventional television, and this pointless crap is going to preempt him). Maybe if they were used to solve international problems (instead of wars) they would make sense. As it stands they're just a colossal waste of time.

The only interesting thing this year will be seeing how far these fine-tuned athletes (young, determined bastards!) will go before developing black lung, or until Beijing's atmosphere catches on fire. This is the country that painted a mountain green in order to beautify the countryside, after all.

Sorry if this sounds cynical, but it is. I hate the summer Olympics, except for the womens' beach volleyball competition.

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