Monday, June 23, 2008

Backblog: March 29th, 2008. Back in time

Before I ask the following question, please realize that I’m not only being sarcastic but also facetious:

Am I losing my mind?

I mean, I know that I’m losing my hair, and that’s pretty closely connected to my mind at least in physical proximity, but does that mean the two are related?

The main reason that I ask this question is that the other day I saw an ad on television for a month of savings from a local travel company. That month just happened to be February (this is March 29th for those of you keeping score). It impressed me as a mistake, until a few days later when I saw an ad for holiday savings from a guy in a Santa Claus suit. This could easily have been two ads (albeit from two different television stations) that were just not edited out of the loop in post-production of the re-runs... except that the other day I received a mail-flyer from the cable company with pictures of a red-nosed reindeer and a top hat wearing snowman that alerted me to the very real possibility that I might be travelling backward in time (the technical term I believe is Bush-time).

It’s not all bad - I might get to see Generation 1 Transformers toys for a reasonable price, or better yet - I might be able to assassinate George Lucas before he ever makes the prequels or retouches the original trilogy. Yep. I could be history’s greatest hero.

Or maybe the ad companies are just getting even more insipid. Who knows?

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