Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Into the avant-garde

Randomness follows:

It's been a stressful week for me so far. I wasn't sure if the state was going to approve my claim for unemployment insurance while I searched for better work, and I've been losing sleep wondering whether the $73 in my bank account was going to be my last (I do have bills to pay, after all). It wasn't until later this afternoon that the money was deposited. I feel a little relieved now, though it is difficult getting less than half of what you used to make at work, I'll adjust for awhile.

It's not been all bad, though.

I got my car back from the body shop, and all of the damage that the theif did is now gone. What's more, they detailed the rest of my car inside and out - it's almost like it's brand new again.

I bought a "Tony's" pizza from my roommate Isaac last night. It had been sitting in the fridge for awhile, and I was really hungry and hesitant to buy any food that might spoil in the next few days while I'm gone. I paid him a few cents more than he had paid for it, but this mutant pizza had extra pepperoni; usually, "Tony's" only gives you six, but this one had seven. If you've never had "Tony's" pizza, it's a pastry-based crust that doesn't taste much like a real pizza - it is more of a snack food than a real food. I still like 'em, though....

I've been trying to learn the basics of Flash. I don't have a recent version (how the heck would I afford a program that expensive?) but I do have tutorials on how to use the older version (MX 2004, for those keeping score) so it's not all bad. It's coming along slowly, not in the least because Flash has one of the clunkiest, counter-intuitive interfaces I've ever seen (it's still a step above any Discreet software though, and I had to struggle with 3D Studio Max for years). I will be using this to build an online porfolio, but for now it will just have to be experimental while I look for work.

So this weekend I'm going to (hopefully) go on a Fourth of July kayaking trip with my oldest and dearest friends. The reason that I'm hopeful is not because I won't be there (that is next to certain at this point), but rather because last year just hours before we were to go on the river my family suffered a near-tragedy. I hope to avoid that this year, even though it seems as though the women in my family are all suffering from one hardship or another right now. I know it seems selfish, but I so rarely get to do any wilderness-related activities anymore that I'm really looking forward to it.

I've got two - count 'em, two - cats at my apartment for all of June and most of July. It's my cat, Chico

and his brother, Cornpuff

who I'm watching for a friend. (I feel guilty leaving the little guys here alone for a couple of days, but they'll have enough food and water. I just wish I could do something about the litter box while I'm gone... stinky!

I was brushing my teeth today when I noticed that the moles on my chest had an interesting pattern, so I connected the dots with a Sharpie. Enjoy, ladies!

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