Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wrongfully Accused: The Worst Kind of Bad

What an odd title 

 Rewatching "Wrongfully Accused," a Leslie Nielsen vehicle from 1998 that I (sadly) saw in the theater when it was released. 

Some background on Leslie Nielsen 

In case some of you don't know, Leslie Nielsen was an accomplished leading man for awhile in Hollywood before being forced into some rather obscure dramatic roles. He had quite the comeback: There was a time when Mr. Nielsen was a hot comedic property for his work on "Airplane!" and the "Police Squad" series. This worked because he was a completely serious and accomplished deadpan actor, and because Jim Abrams and the Zucker brothers knew how to write a gag and pace a scene.

Unfortunately, this led to Nielsen being typecast in almost exclusively comedic roles for the last half of his career, and they all get gradually worse.

What is this movie, exactly?

While this movie is meant to be a satirical take on the Harrison Ford film "The Fugitive," it heavily references other movies and commercials of the time for ALL of its jokes. This makes the whole affair less of a classic like "Airplane!" and more of a comedic misfire like "Scary Movie" (or more accurately, Scary Movie's even worse sequels).

My thoughts 

How funny is it? I laughed more watching the Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Revenant." It's less fresh than my retired incontinent dad's briefs on laundry day. I honestly sort of wished that it was more boring just so it could stop completely sucking for a few minutes.

Where can I watch it?

It's bad, so please: Only watch it if you hate yourself. It is a crime against comedy.

"Wrongfully Accused" is currently included with Amazon Prime video streaming service.

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