Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What the hell is wrong with people that are against health-care reform?

For a moment, let's ignore the fact that like me, millions of Americans don't have health insurance because they are either unemployed or cannot afford it.  Let's ignore the fact that when these people are struck with a condition that would have been cheap to treat in early stages they are forced to clog our emergency rooms because their condition's gotten so bad they can't ignore it any longer.

I am talking about the people who are saying that people should still have a choice in their health-care and that the government should stay out of it.

First: nobody's saying that you need to give up your HMO.  That is not what the plan is for.  The plan is to ease the burden on the lower and middle class that health-care has become to the millions of people who can't afford it.  If you want to keep your current plan, go ahead.

Second: You don't have a choice in your coverage - your insurance company does! They tell you who they're willing to reimburse, how much they're willing to pay, and if they feel it's better to take your money for years and then drop you when you finally need that coverage, they will.

Third: In caps, for emphasis, THE GOVERNMENT ALREADY RUNS MEDICARE!  Quit trying to scare old people into thinking that the government (who already gives them insurance) that they're going to take it away when the reality is that it isn't going to change their coverage outside of making it available to more people.

What the hell is with this country's priorities?  I didn't see protests of this scale when former president George Dumbass Bush invaded a sovereign country under the flimsy (at best) premise that the dictator that our government helped to install was working with fundamentally different philosophical religious fanatics who there had been no prior relational evidence to hurt our country and not because Dick Cheney had blue-balls from Operation Desert Storm.

If you're going to protest, at least do some research beforehand.  Don't just do it because you live in a red state.

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