Friday, September 25, 2009

I hate it when I'm right.

Yesterday I said that any protester that attacks a local business is a mouth-breathing idiotic hypocrite.   Given last night's monkeyshines in Oakland, I stand by this statement.  Although most of the businesses attacked were the bastions of corporate America, there is simply no excuse for this type of protest.  The average age of those arrested leads me to believe that at least some of them are College students, probably in Oakland.  Because of the physicality of the crimes this almost certainly means that these anarchists are attending the University of Pittsburgh (lets face it, I could kick the collective pasty asses of 99% of Carnegie Mellon's student body *cough*NERDS*cough*).  I don't know for sure, of course, but you can find a partial list of the morons here.

Why do Pittsburgh riots almost always happen in (or at least start at) Oakland?  Obama gets elected? Let's riot!  Steelers win the Super Bowl?  Let's riot!  It could just be the combination of the college crowd and readily available alcohol, but most of these people are pre-med.  That means that many of the same people breaking windows and throwing bikes at police officers are the people giving you an operation in the future: 

"Dude, capitalism sucks!  I'm gonna sell your organs in protest!"

"To who?!"

"Um, communists!"

Seriously, protesters - the world leaders aren't going to listen to you anyway.  Most of them are either smart, aware of your plight, and unconscionable or they're just unconscionable.  They don't care.  Whatever problems you're trying to bring to their attention, it doesn't benefit them in the slightest to give a damn.  All that you're doing by getting aggressive is giving the angry white guys with uniforms, tear gas, batons and shaved heads a much-yearned-for reason to bash your heads in using said implements.  Just chill out, dance for the cameras, and whine about it in your blog tomorrow.

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Mark Fisher said...

Well spoken man! We may not have seen each other in a loooong time but it seems as if our thinking (at least on this subject) evolved in similar ways.

Oh and update your blog more : ) I'm running out of stuff to read on it. ha ha