Saturday, September 19, 2009

The old watch is dead.

A moment of mourning...

I finally got the back panel off of my old watch.  I tested that battery with my multimeter, and it seemed fine (2.9 volts), so I continued taking it apart.  There didn't seem to be any corrosion on the inside of the watch (as I had feared), but when I tried unscrewing the analog adjustment arm it broke right off.  To make matters worse, I think I found out why it hadn't been working - the hands fell of when I loosened the case, so I think the reason it wasn't keeping time was because the hands were off of the spindle.  I tried putting them back on, but my less-than-ample jewelery tools bent the hands, ensuring that they would catch on each other even if it was fixed.  The only thing to come out of this was the CR2016 battery, which I put back into my Casio Data Bank watch.  The SRAM still had the phone numbers of all the people from the last time it had a working battery (a little over a year ago).  I updated the phone numbers and I think that I'll put it back into my rotation, making this my longest lived watch (I gave my original Data Bank to my friend Brian who replaced the guts).

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